Johanna Kugler


Johanna wasn’t in school yet when she heard snatches of music by the Tanzgeiger carried in through her open window by a gentle spring breeze in the heart of Vienna. “I want to play the violin like that”, she thought. Meanwhile, she has finished her music degree, and the violin occupies a pivotal position in her live. Fascinated with the interdependence of music and movement, she enjoys playing in the street, at private parties, or in refugee hostels for and with and amongst people. But she also plays in concert halls, Hungarian style with the Tanzhausgeiger, or cabaret with the Landstreich plus. With the Tanzgeiger, she plays first violin. Those songs that had once inspired her decision to become a musician, she still plays them with great passion until her audience is fully immersed in rhythm and the dancefloor is shaking.